Our Mission Statement

31st August 2013

Our aim at The Bunk is to bring back the community atmosphere that unfortunately so many pubs up and down the country have now lost. We want The Bunk to be the place where you can walk in just for fine ale and a packet of crisps and then return again at the weekend to wine, dine and experience some creative, fantastic food. We want it to be the place that the locals congregate in to discuss and gossip over the latest village drama and the bar that the working men who appreciate a delicious beer and good conversation retire to after a hard day.

To create the community atmosphere that we desire there will be a big emphasis on our ales and bar culture in tandem with the appreciation for good food sourced from fantastic local suppliers. We aim to deliver this experience to you by providing brilliant and efficient service, exciting dining and exceptional hospitality in a relaxed manner but with very high standards.